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Beach Erosion finds

Beach Erosion finds

Beach Erosion finds


It has been a strange year and the winter has been warm with only a night or two where we built a fire in the fireplace. This spring reacted differently also. Generally after the spring equinox the beach here is piled high with new sand and it feels like Jell-O to walk on but this spring it is not there at all!

In fact the whole beach is low and solid packed. It has been cleaned out for sure and empty. We went with friends to the beach the other day in a rainstorm. Don’t ask why… Beach hunting is so addictive you just get to ignore sandstorms, rain, and nightfall. In the middle of the rain and strong SE winds the water was high on the beach and not looking good. After hunting for a bit suddenly the wind shifted to an offshore wind and the high water began to back down obediently. I got onto a bit of shallow water and wet sand and of course it was clean of any finds but then something strange happened.

I got a deep signal of a coin and dug down to discover something that made me smile. I had found a hole in the beach that reached all the way to the strata that holds goodies! I dug out a quarter quickly and kept on pulling quarters for quite a while. My friend John was down the beach and I wanted him to bring his Soverign over and see if he could find any deeper ones. On the way to John I got a signal and dug out a nice gold nugget ring(14K).

Well I showed John and he showed me a nice gold ring too. He used the Soverign on my hot spot but did not find anything else. Well it sure was fun while it lasted and such a surprise. The hole was only about 15-20 feet around and that seems to be the way I find them. Never much larger and never smaller.

If that quick offshore breeze had not come when I was on the beach I would have missed it all! It looks like the Island will need beach replenishment soon as it has been stripped down far and is not replenishing.

Strange how for millions of years the ocean deposits loads of sand on those Islands and then suddenly rips it all off again.






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