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Eureka! A day in the life of a treasure hunter

Eureka! A day in the life of a treasure hunter

A day in the life of a treasure hunter

Yesterday found me walking down the beaches swinging wide as I walked while my wife found the jewelry. She found a Dolphin bracelet that was very pretty and looked brand new and before long there she was just walking up to me and grinning again! This time she found a 14k thin gold chain and pendant with praying hands and a cross. Last night I viewed the beach and water information on the web and figured it might be good today so it was up before dawn and heave the beepers into the bus. I awoke early and as we drove to the beach the first light of morning seemed very early today. Over the sea wall before sunup and there were red skies in the east. The water was out and it was low tide for the morning and I couldn’t wait to get onto the beach. So that you will understand, we seldom have good water and weather in the spring here but today was the exception. It was 60 degrees and slightly cool but it felt exhilarating. I found a few 14K pulltab signals and started digging them up but they were the tin variety instead of gold today. I turned to look at the morning sun as it just started over the horizon and the water was placid and sea gulls were standing transfixed as the scene just too beautiful for words. The red skies had caused a golden reflection on the still water and I knew that moment that I should have brought my camera with me. Its strange, I think, but each of us have only a very limited times in our life when only a moment in time becomes somehow more than it should be and we feel something on a very deep level that touches us in a way that we will always remember and I should have known then that this would be a day to remember for a long time.Well I did not find any golden pulltabs on the wet sand so I suited up for the water since the water was as close to calm as it gets here. The water had turned from a raging high tide only a week ago and the brown dirty water had turned emerald green. I walked into the water to see the sandy bottom very clear and the little wave shapes under the water on the sand looked like one of those painted scenes you see. A little deeper and I stepped with all my weight onto the back of a good sized flounder or sting ray, I couldn’t tell, but I didn’t get stung anyway but it sure woke me up and almost threw me off balance into the water. I walked as far out as I could get and now and then there would be a large glassy wave form up about 4 feet tall and scare me back some. I never have understood why on a calm day there will be large shore waves develop on a flat sea. I dug a deep coin at two scoops and it turned out to be a 1944 wheatie, that was strange for this area that never had anything but clad coins, but this was going to be a day of a different sort. A little while and I had several coins and some junk that this site is known for but no golden glitter here. Now I was beginning to feel a little like I was all dressed up with no place to go!Not to beaten so easily I walked back to the car and pulled off the monkey suit while all the morning traffic zoomed by wondering what that nut was doing. Well I thought we would go to a stretch of beach that has been overworked by detectorists and give it a try with the Fisher CZ7 this morning. They were charging $5 for entrance today and a large crowd would surely be there in a little while but I was not ready to give up more for parking than I found today so I found a place where we could park and walk down to the beach. We walked along and I hunted where the tourists sun bathed yesterday and I was sure the gold would surely shine for me here but all I seemed destined for today was zinc pennies at 8 inches. Be that as it may I just enjoyed the morning and dug all the junk so the next fellow would not have to. There was a large bunch of young folks that showed up to play volleyball on the beach today but it would have to be another day before I could look there. I was really getting tired by now and we had a half mile to walk back with me swinging the heavy CZ7. I was digging anything that rang up as pulltab or foil and I did my duty and removed a large number of pulltabs from the beach and also the decomposing zinc pennies that crumble when you pick them up tend to change their ID on the meter from zinc penny to pulltab. I had hit the zinker graveyard of all time and they were all down 8 to 10 inches and ringing pulltab just like the gold. My arm was really hurting bad by now and I had developed a limp of walking on the loose sand and my leg was sore too so my usual brisk walk and swing had slowed like a slow motion movie about half way back to the car. My wife fared better because she didn’t go water hunting and fighting the great waves and lifting tons of wet sand from the sea bed. She also carried a GTA today which is the weapon of choice for long walks on the beach. She had walked farther down the beach than me because I was still unearthing the very deep ghostly zinc pennies. I was about on my last step I felt and my arm was killing me when she walked back to talk to me and just at that time I told her that I had been digging all of the decomposing zinc cents today when BEEP one more zinc peeped. I took my shovel and dug deeply into the hard packed sand in the bottom of a wash and as I lifted out the heavy sand I stood in amazement with my wife looking at a 1894 gold coin!!! It looked like the day it was minted and showed no wear at all except some very light surface scratches. EUREKA! The dream lives!.joy



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