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The phrase “Conventional wisdom” like “Holy war” is an oxymoron.
Now and then we all find ourselves faced with problems that will not allow us to pursue our hobby. Maybe it is too hot, too cold, too wet or something like that. Sometimes it is a personal problem or medical one but we can still pursue our hobby in another way. I have heard as well as everyone else, the standard phrases over the years that have been accepted by most people as true. Most couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Phrases like “Pulse goes deeper”, “slow down and you will find more”, “you can always find deeper coins after a rain”, and so on. These phrases might contain a grain of truth but they lead more people astray than helping anyone. People just repeat them because they have heard most people repeating them. Let me state now that to say anything different and you will have everyone point a finger at you assuming that you really don’t know what you are talking about. If you want to learn this hobby and I mean “really” learn it then throw out all conventional knowledge and just prove it to yourself! If you don’t want to do that then don’t point fingers at someone who has done the research for themselves.

I cannot overstress the importance of having a test garden in your yard but of course you know that I mean a good one where you have cleaned out the trash unless you have a “bed of nails test plot”. You should always plant some coins out of range deep so if you buy a better detector you will have a spot that you can walk out and try it out.

Here is where the problem comes in; You have to take into consideration all kinds of weather conditions! Then I can hear the complaints….. I KNOW that it will go a little deeper when it is wet! But have you tried all your machines under those conditions? It is important to toss out the common mistakes and prove things for yourself. I have some coins buried in the yard and have taken out several machines from time to time and adjusted them for the deeper coins but something happened the other day that just about blew my socks off!!

We had no rain for about three months and the soil was hard as concrete and completely dry. I had just bought a new Fisher 1266X detector and was really happy with the way it worked. I could go over a silver quarter buried at least 7 inches deep and get a rousing BEEP on the machine even if I held it high over the ground! I was really proud of this machine and then I tried it on a dime buried at least 8 inches deep. It appears that my soil has much more mineralization than I once thought and the dime was out of range of other detectors that I have tried. The 1266X just BEEPED loudly over the dime and even using a FIVE inch coil!! This was simply amazing to me and I was dumbfounded at the superb depth. My other detector was a CZ machine that I use on the beach to dig extremely deep objects but the backyard moderated it’s depth performance somewhat.

Then it happened! It rained and rained and the powder dry ground drank deeply and became saturated. Well without a thought about the difference in the moisture I walked out and swung the 1266X over the deep old dime once more and SILENCE! I could not find it! Once more I was dumbfounded because my once powerful machine had become useless! Ok, I grabbed my CZ20 and marched out there and bingo! I got a loud signal with it on the deep dime. So in that single experiment alone I completely threw out the general statement that you can find them deeper in moist soil. The statement is dependant on the type of detector that you use!

My little test proves out that the Fisher CZ machines work most excellent in moist conditions while the Fisher 1266X works outstanding in very dry conditions. This leaves me with a funny problem. I can find the deep ones when it is dry but of course I cannot dig them. I am going to have to use markers and come back when the soil is wet to dig I guess but the knowledge that I gained with this experiment will help me choose the correct detector to match the field conditions.

The point to this is to give you something to do in the periods when you can’t get out to hunt because you can test your backyard coins in all kinds of conditions and learn a lot more than you thought was possible. This in not only a silly little thing for the new guys to play with but a serious task worthwhile of our efforts for the newbies and veterans alike.




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