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Fairgounds, Trash or Treasure

Fairgounds, Trash or Treasure

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Talking to folks about metal detecting can be one of the most productive things that we can do. Almost everyone has spent time with a neighbor or friend who has told of a good site to metal detect although they themselves never tried it. The other day I was talking to our neighbor and the subject of metal detecting came up. We discovered where the county fairgrounds were located and when the fair was there. How lucky can you get, the biggest event you ever saw with all kinds of rides and a rodeo located all on grass! We waited for the fair to start and drove to the place and sure enough it was gigantic, just like some of the really great fairs that I have been to years ago. I took pictures and we drove back excited for that day when they would pull up stakes and leave all of the treasure for us. Well sure enough the day came and we were happy to have my sister-in-law Gale for a guest. The day the the fair ended it rained for the most of the day and we were lucky to have a clear blue sky and a cool day for our hunt. We entered the fenced off area which was open as the eighteen wheeler’s drove out with their load. The trash was gathered up and sacked ready to be picked up. This bothered me some because if someone walked all over the grounds to pick up trash this quick then chances are that they saw a lot of the coins that were dropped and picked them up. As it turned out we found a few coins but the heavy pockets we expected vanished with the trash. However all was not lost, we had a nice day just metal detecting and Gail got to see how much fun it was to swing that coil and listen for the notes that are music to our ears. My wife Paulette found a “set” of 14k gold earrings that were brand new and still stuck on the card.

Before this fair I went with a friend to a small town fairground that was vacant most of the year and active only for a short period when the little fair was held. We found only new clad coins but what fun! there were quarters scattered all over several acres and I filled my pockets until they were heavy. I also got a signal that said penny but when I dug it I thought at first that it was a tin can but as I looked hard at it I saw a three inch 1916d Mercury dime! What a strange find! That day was fun and productive but I would never have thought that the grassy field would have been that good a treasure hunting site. Although someone had cleaned out the field in the past (there were no older deeper finds) I will remember that day for some time.

So be prepared for a shock now and then, the very best metal detecting sites may turn out sour and the most non-descript looking spot may be loaded. I believe that the detectors which permit you to discriminate all of the trash and just find larger coins are great for scanning these areas for a test run. Just ignore all other targets (gold too) and look for quarters and halves because these are not often confused with aluminum cans and can be a good indication to see if the area has been cleaned out or not. A good lot of these targets will tell you that someone has not detected the place before and you should set your discrimination low and search slowly and effectivly for all it offers.





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