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Flag Waving Updated

Flag Waving Updated

Flag waving Updated

I have just received a letter from New York City Parks Commissioner Stern concerning metal detecting in NYC Parks and Beaches. Where as the rule changes are not completely what we wanted, it is a partial victory for detectorists in NYC. and much improved from before.

From Parks Commissioner Stern:
I am pleased to provide you with a copy of our new rules concerning the use of metal detectors in New York City parks. These rules will take effect on September 14, 1997.

After considering the comments we received in the mail and at the public hearing held on July 17th, we have determined that it is not necessary at this time to regulate the use of metal detectors on parkland through the issuance of permits. The new Parks rules will allow the use of metal detectors on unvegetated beach areas, and, with written permission, in other park areas.

We have decided to allow metal detecting on Park’s beaches because of the activity’s minimal risk of damage to the environment in these areas. Metal detecting in other park areas will be allowed with written permission, on a case-by-case basis, to ensure the protection of manicured lawns, planting beds, and other delicate park ecosystems.

If you have any questions concerning these rules, please call Susan H. Simon, Associate Counsel, at (212) 360-1315.

Thank you for your interest in Parks.

All the best, Henry J. Stern

As you can see there seemed to be an action taken shortly after the mail-in campaign sent letters on June the twentieth as about a month later there was action on this issue. My thanks to everyone who has a part in the letter writing and email campaign and I believe that all the letters from all over the country had an impact on NYC officials that was undeniable and positive.




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