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Policy at the Parks and Recreation Department has changed for our friends in New York City. They will fine you $50 for a metal detector in your possession in any of their parks including their beaches. First of all I wanted you to know that if it works in one place they quickly use it in other cities.

Permit me to suggest a new procedure to follow in cases like this one. First of all we need to communicate with the person who runs the Parks and Recreation Department and his boss the mayor of New York City. Primarily I wish to inform some of you that any desire on your part to send one of these individuals flame email, or more adolescent railing will do a disservice to our cause and that you should take no action rather than cause harm to our response. Why? you might ask, because sending a response full of emotion and hate will not change a persons mind but just polarize his or her position and give their argument strength because they can say that the detectorists are a bunch of of people that we do not want in our parks. In lieu of that response I suggest we commit the price of a postage stamp because a well composed, sane, intelligent letter has the weight of many times more than email which can be deleted in mass. Furthermore I suggest you put your name and address on your letter and if we are successful then they may have to take time to answer our letters. For those of us in our midst that struggle with spelling I suggest you download a simple spell checker to verify your work or instead just use the old webster dictionary to insure that we do not appear less than we can be.

Let us determine to support each other in our struggles with laws and ordinances that may harm the free exercise of our practice. Let us agree like the 3 Musketeers to the cry of “One for all and all for one”. Let us agree to avoid any threats whether stated or implied and also to avoid the legal traps that only serve to blunt our response and polarize those who oppose us. Instead let us respond in a civil and tactful manor and time our response in the matter of New York City parks and beaches to June 20, 1997. This way they should get the attention of Commissioner Henry J. Stern and Mayor Giuliani just before the celebration of July 4th. So when we all watch the fireworks on the fourth of July and stand while the flags pass in parade we can be proud of our civil response and at the same time the mayor and commissioner can look at the same and realize their mistake. The well written letter whether in handwriting or print will serve us well and add force to the argument that we are a sane and responsible group which contains a sizable group of senior citizens who use detecting to promote a positive attitude and get good exercise as well. Please compose your emotions and resolve to express your concern for actions taken by them to cause harm to those citizens like ourselves who enjoy the fresh air and small adventures that can be found while metal detecting on our beaches and in our public parks.

You may write to either the commissioner or the mayor of New York City: Henry J. Stern, Commissioner, City of New York, Parks & Recreation, The Arsenal, Central Park, New York, NY 10021. Or Rudolph W. Giuliani Mayor, City of New York,City hall building, New York, NY 10021.
At the bottom of the lower left hand side of the letter write attention: Mayor Giuliani (personal) or Henry Stern (personal)

If you feel opposed to the simple action of writing a clean tactful letter and the free exercise of expressing our support for our fellow detectorists then simply ignore this information and take no action or send to comment to the officials in New York City and in so doing you will satisfy yourself and aid us because dissension in our response will quite surely result in no action on policy in New York City. If you cannot write a letter then send email from this web this New York City website: http://www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/dpr/home.html Remember communicate nothing until June 20, 1997.

As an afterthought I will share something personal with you. As many of you know I value my moral compass and do my best to follow what has been called The Golden Rule which is extracted from the bible and states in more or less terms that we should “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us” . Why should I mention that? Because when I started detecting I wanted someone to advise and help me choose a good detector and help me find somewhere to look for coins. This meant that my desire must be followed up by my action according to the rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The real story behind “The Golden Olde” and the true meaning of it is that the old golden rule that provides everyone who enjoys the stories in The Golden Olde what I truly wanted when I got started and never received. If I lived in New York City I would wish someone would help me to express myself to the city officials in a manor that would not cause me to look bad or my friends. So therefore this action by me is related to that desire.

Thanks to all




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