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Golden Gales

Golden Gales

It was one of those days that I really did not want to go beach hunting. It was very cold and gale force winds were screaming outside but we finally decided to chance it and to go hunting anyway. We drove through the pre dawn darkness and as we drove over the high bridge to the island the strong winds threatened to blow our little car over. It shook it severely! Down to the beach we went but couldn’t park where we generally do because the gale force winds blew tons of very dry sand which would cause a car to get bogged down into the sand quickly. We drove to another location that did not have so much dry sand piled up and parked. No sooner had we parked but the car was shaken violently by the winds in the darkness and as we looked toward the lee side of the car we could see the dry sand had piled up like snow all along the windows. We looked at each other and really just wanted to turn around and go home but finally we opened the doors and strapped our equipment on to see what was there.

The wind chill was 28 degrees and that wasn’t the problem. You couldn’t even open your eyes because of the sand but we squinted some and walked slowly down to the water in the darkness. The first sign of dawn was barely visible in the eastern sky and I could see that the wind had blown out the water some and I saw a likely place to work close by. I waded in the water and listened closely for a good tone but either the cold or the wind which was blowing so hard caused some falsing in the detector. I gave up the water and worked near it and got a good pulltab tone. It was still dark when I tried to dig but the wind kept blowing the shovel away from where I placed the shovel and I could barely hold it in place before I started digging. What problems! Finally I dug over a foot deep and in the darkness felt around for the target and was surprised and somewhat startled to find a nice (silver) ring. I put it in my pouch and walked down to a likely spot to try but my darling wife had decided that I was having too much luck I guess so she cruised right in ahead of me. I turned back to my previous digs. In only minutes she came back toward me grinning and I knew that she had found something nice. She opened her hand to display a beautiful (diamond?) ring and well over a half caret!

We went back to the car to take the magnifying glass and look at our prizes. My silver ring turned out to be 14K gold and a nugget ring too. In the dark the gold nugget ring had no gold color and looked to be only silver. That is a problem sometimes working in the darkness and you can’t tell what you have until the sun comes up! Her ring certainly looked like an expensive diamond that might be worth over two thousand dollars and it was 14K too.


Needless to say we cut the hunt short because of the cold and blowing sand and headed back with our treasure to have a jeweler look at the stone. We were chattering about our finds and having a good time but when we got back and took the ring to a jeweler he pronounced Cubit Zirconia, drat! Anyway we had a good time and found two 14k rings in only a short time. We saw no one on the beach that morning and all the other hearty hunters had the covers up over their heads snoring away. The old beach sometimes rewards hunters who will dare to hunt in extremely bad conditions but no one wants to do it here. Only one other local veteran of the beaches will come out sometimes when it is bad, but all were still sleeping this morning.





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