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Ladybug Treasure Hunter

Ladybug Treasure Hunter

Today I recall my second treasure find. Well, ok, it wasn’t exactly “MY” find. I had just gotten my first modern metal detector, the Garrett GTA1000 and my first hunting trip was to go to a fairly new park near me and to avoid the eyes of everyone in the park while I played around with my new detector. Well, I worked the park for over an hour and my single treasure was a new penny! What a terrible disappointment! I had spent more of my retirement money on this new device than I had wanted to and now I was beginning to doubt my choice.

Hundreds of dollars that I spent had returned only one dirty cent and my wife was now adding her little comments to the discussion. Well, I had to plan my second outting to offer somewhat improved treasure. I planned to go to an old park that had been there since long before I was born and it must have lots of coins lost in it. The day for the next trip arrived and now my wife tagged along reluctantly and brought our dog, a Minpin, and for those of us who don’t know it is a minature Doberman Pinscher. I take it my wife had come along to gather evidence of one more of my follys.

The name of our dog is “Ladybug” but when we call her we use the shortened form of “Bug”. She is intelligent and full of life but not too strong on obedience yet. We walked off the parking lot into the pretty park and I went to work to locate more of that hard to find treasure. I was busy walking along and sweeping the coil where I supposed that my treasure was to be found but “Alas” I was not finding anything but lots of junk.

My wife had put a longer rope on the dog so she could run about but be yanked back when she strayed. Now the dog was running slightly ahead of me and bothering me somewhat trying digilently to locate my treasure. All of a sudden the dogs nose went to the ground and she lifted her foot and pointed at something on the ground only about 3 foot ahead of my coil. My wife was curious and walked ahead to see what kind of mischief that she was into. My wife lifted something in her hand and shouted to me but it just looked like so much junk to me. She came up to me and held out a beautiful gold and silver Swiss watch that was still running!

Bug had found it, and not the real treasure hunter in the family ME! My feelings were hurt badly and the more that my wife seemed to be excited over Bugs find the more distressed that I became. The day quickly became one more strikout for me and I returned to the car in a somber mood. Outdone by my dog! Would I never live it down?

Once more I had an impossible task ahead of me, find a bigger treasure than Bug! Life had turned upside down for me and my new detector was becoming a threat to me and my judgement. How would I ever live down the shame of it all?

Well only after years of dedicated treasure hunting can I assume that I have put the shame behind me and as I sit and write this article I still relive the day and will be glad when it fades from my memory. I can only hope that your first experiences treasure hunting have had a better outcome than my own. This is a true experience, it really happened, maybe if I wish hard enough it will go away!




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