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Localized treasures

Localized treasures


When we first get our detector we want to start by finding something interesting and valuable but depending on our State and county we have vastly different options than others do. There is treasure everywhere we live but so different that it cannot be compared to other areas. One is probably not much better than another but the problem comes in when we read a treasure magazine or chat with others in other locations we may feel cheated if their grass looks greener.

The challenge demands we work a little to expand our horizons from coin shooting in the park to other more difficult areas of treasure hunting which will be far more rewarding. It is human nature to just default to what is easy and an evident choice instead of setting our goals to higher levels like we should. You should know that for every story of goodies from some place across the country there is another story of problems like nightmare mineralization, very bad weather most of the time, prohibitive laws and ordinances, or dangerous places to hunt.

It is our perception that needs adjusting and not our location or detector! Some folks just keep on going to the same old places and when they can’t find anything they buy a better detector. Beginning to adjust our perspective means objectively analyze your area for other kinds of treasures. Start by talking to other locals at the detector shop and the local clubs to find out what kinds of treasure they hunt. You will realize that not everyone hunts the same. There are historic buried treasures in every state, some states have natural treasures from gold, silver, platinum, copper and others that can be detected, while others have civil war relics to hunt, some have old Spanish missions, all have ghost towns and all have old pioneer home sites. The saltwater beaches are available to many and all on vacation, and there are freshwater lakes, creeks, rivers and have been used as swimming places in the past (before air conditioning many folks just went swimming often) and of course tons of modern coins drop daily everywhere you go. You can water hunt, scuba dive lakes, dive on shipwrecks, of course there is hunting for revolutionary war relics and genuine buried pirate treasure too. Even this little summary misses many good treasures just waiting for you to realize its in YOUR backyard!

Everyone has good reasons to be content with their fields of treasure. There is a declining supply of very old coins in the areas of the northeast that was settled earlier than the rest of the country but I am happy with my area which was overrun with Indian cannibals two hundred years ago. Not one old coin was dropped by them and their ancestors. All they left was piles of clam shells. Is there anything interesting here? You bet! Pirates lived around here and buried treasure here. There were civil war battles that took place near here and there were civil war camps all around the area. Texas warred with Santa Anna near here and there are so many reports of treasure here that its only a matter of time until I find mine. There are old places where you can find some old coins, but not many. We have tons of new coins here and the state has many Missions and Spanish gold mines. I underwater hunt the beach to look for gold rings and enjoy coinshooting too. I love to relic hunt old pioneer home sites and farms and old homes have interesting things to find also.

The detector won’t find you any treasures. The main ingredient is YOU and your knowledge and the will to compete for your share. Depending on a new detector will be another disappointment if you don’t upgrade the operator too. If you find it hard to locate different treasures then buddy up with someone who can teach you. That is what clubs are good for, contacts and networking with other people who have what it takes to locate their treasures. No matter what you have to work with you can maximize it and satisfy yourself that you can find treasures just as good as the fellow over there.




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