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Metal detecting in the rain

Metal detecting in the rain

golden olde

When can you get to the parks or beaches in the summertime when people aren’t everywhere? When it rains! This has been an interesting discovery for me when one day I was not to be put off any longer and I grabbed something to shed the rain and put the environmental cover on my detector and went metal detecting. While this probably is a new concept to many it has some very neat possibilities. First it is a very pleasant experience overcoming the rain and finding a lot of coins. There is often so many people at the parks that it is just not worth it trying to avoid stares and the kids questions of “whatcha doing mister?”. These folks all leave when it starts to shower, and are very slow to return after the shower. These people show up when parks or beaches open and there is just no time to hunt unless you hunt at night. I already have problems finding dimes in the daytime and my detector doesn’t have a light.




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