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Not a walk in the park

Not a walk in the park

Not a walk in the park

“Notice, there are several big pictures and they will take a while to load”

We prepared for Memorial day this year and loaded all our gear into the motorhome and when the time came we made the trip to the beach. In this article I hope to express the real world treasure hunting and its difficulties. Most of the people did not wear jewelry so there wasn’t too much to find but we had fun anyway.

Here is a picture of our beach at Memorial day this year. As you can see there are miles of umbrella’s in rows here. One company runs the umbrella business and they come out early in the morning every summer day and start poking holes in the beach in lines. Later they come by and stuff the umbrella’s in the holes and lay out two beach chairs with them. It generally costs around $20 for you and your other to have a nice shady seat.

Memorial day

Now metal detecting is quite an experience out in the surf with all the swimmers. The crowd moves to the wet sand and water when the temps start moving higher and the heat becomes nearly unbearable. Then right out there in all that happy confusion there I go moving right along like the Myna bird in the old jungle cartoon movie. You can see that taking your time to detect a signal, pinpointing a signal, and trying to recover an object buried a foot and a half in the sand under the sea can become quite a trick!


Add to that a crowd that is barely speaking English(a word or two) and they all want to ask what I am doing. They have never seen or heard of metal detecting so naturally they are interested. However when you are asked that question over 10,000 times an hour you begin to look like the Grinch that stole Christmas. The little kids know who I am and what I am doing. They figured out that I am the garbage man and I collect trash. They bring me broken pieces of glass and paper wrappings they find. Well, at least they to not bring me the seaweed! Oh, my wife hollers over the pie she is cooking, yes they offered it to me!!

Now that’s a different signal that sounds interesting. You pinpoint and it signals gold/pulltab but it has a larger target profile. I dig slowly the large scoop into the sand and lift it up to water top height to shake it until the sand falls through the holes. Slowly I see the wonderful object. It is GOLD!! A big fat gold ring! Now, I remember, look like the Grinch that stole Christmas and do not smile…..

We had parked the motorhome down near Voodoo Daddy. It is a big honky-tonk on the beach and they play something akin to jungle drums as loud as they can. Now this went on until 2:00am in the morning. The wife got up at two O’clock and looked out to see cars with their headlights turned on and guys playing soccer ball on the beach.

What a job, but by now you get the idea. Here are some of the finds that we found that weekend. Not many as in past years but we still had fun. It was just when I laid down to sleep at night and all I could see was those millions of little kids with snot drooling out their noses….







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