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Old gold

Old gold

Tales from the piney woods east of Houston are spiced with stories of buried gold. In 1934 the United States went off of the gold standard, that is before 1934 it was common to reach down in your pocket and find five, ten, and twenty dollar gold pieces (worth face value!) so it was common for some folks to bury some of their money especially like most, they were some distance from the bank and they didn’t want visitors or kin folks to stumble on their savings. Many folks were seen walking off in the woods with a shovel in their hands and seeded the woods with money.
When paper currency became the standard in 1934 it was in the depths of the depression and not many folks trusted paper money. A good many people refused to turn in their gold and take worthless paper for it and they did not want to be caught with it either. They buried it knowing gold has a value of its own around the world and if the new money turned out to be a bad idea they still had gold.

In the country people got downright ingenious figurin’ out a stash for their gold. Some placed it in the brick fireplaces but many would walk down the fence line until they could find a loose fence post that they could pull out. They might tie a string to their stash and drop it into the bottom of the fence hole. Some would walk into the woods and put it in a hole in a tree and then mark a nearby tree so they could find it again. Finding it back could be a problem for forgetful old folks so some would place it nearby in a garden, at the well, or of all places “under the trash pile!”. I believe that many places that predate 1934 are worth searching but remember the signal may not show up as gold (or nickel) but were buried in snuff cans, tobacco cans, glass jars and such. Before you dig try to place yourself in their place and think where you would put your gold.




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