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Opening Day!

Opening Day!


This Memorial day weekend is the opening day for surf hunting as millions plan to go to the beaches. For water hunters this is the time that the gold supply gets replenished as the lessons of last year will be forgotten and swimmers will enter the water forgetting all about how easily the surf removes the gold from them.

Beaches having just gone through the massive changes of the last month due to the Vernal equinox and have returned to the summer configuration of cuts and sandbars under the water and much of the gold will roll into the cuts and be swallowed up several inches deep in only days. During the last month the tides have been abnormal and the currents on some beaches have increased terribly to cut through the sand again.

The beaches have warning flags to inform bathers of the dangerous nature of the undercurrent, however almost all will ignore it and some will swim into the riptides and be pulled into the deep water. It is extremely dangerous and many will drown. The danger is obvious if you try to enter the water with your surfhunting gear. I have my own way of telling me when I should leave the water. I have a large heavy stainless steel scoop and the riptide current will pull it so hard that is pulled out straight from me at arms length. This is too dangerous to remain in the water, or at least the deeper water. I take note of the direction because generally when this happens it is point straight out to sea and I am in a riptide. If this happens to you do not panic or struggle or try to fight it but just retrace your steps which led you into it and you will be quickly out of the rip.

It seems to me that the beach hunters have been multiplying in vast numbers and while there used to be only a very few that even knew how to hunt there is now a large group of new hunters and more and more competition for the gold. Up till now the surf has been so bad and the current so terrible that bathers were content only to walk into the water just above knee deep and stand around. The heat of the June sun will provide the reason for them to enter the deeper water even though it remains very dangerous.

There will be so many people in the water and walking along the edge that you should give up trying to hunt with them and wait until Holiday is over and then try your luck. To take advantage of the weekend go to the beach to mark the tide level and where the most active swimming areas are. You must separate the tourists from the local crowds as the locals will not loose much. Take pictures and let this be your guide this summer helping you to see where the crowds were after they have thinned down some. Take notice of how many are wearing gold into the water. If you don’t see the jewelry on them in the water then don’t bother looking for it. Chances are that they are just locals and they will loose very little.

Those of us who hunt year around, earnestly look forward to the replenishment of the gold as we hunt every last item possible during the low tides of winter Take special care and be aware of the dangers. All beaches have their special dangers and here there is a number of them. Walk slowly and listen carefully for signals and remember that most gold will be fairly shallow under the sand and so should give a strong signal. I like to do a target profile even in the surf as the information that I can get from it baits my appetite for goodies. For instance the last thing nice that I found was a Italian wristwatch buried in the seafloor that gave me a coin signal. I moved the coil across the target both ways and analyzed the signal. Before I dug it up I had decided that it was a wristwatch! Try this and you will be amazed. I can generally tell a silver ring from a coin too. It takes lots of practice to achieve this.

Make this year a good one and have lots of fun but please be careful. There will probably be bodies in the surf around here for a week or more after this Holiday weekend and I wouldn’t want to bump into you! One look at a bloated white corpse is a sight that you will always remember. Take care.


The surf here has a RED flag for dangerous currents and a BLUE flag for poisonous Man-O-War jellyfish but that did not stop the crowds or me. Here is the picture of the Memorial weekend jewelry finds not including all the coins and other beach finds:

golden olde





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