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Pennies from heaven

Pennies from heaven

Pennies from heaven



Every now and then when I don’t think that the beach will shape up to suit me I get a big surprise. It was like that here and we haven’t gotten a drop of rain for over three months and then it came. It rained hard for a couple of days and the beach got over seven inches of rain. I have seen the beach in the winter when the big rains come but rarely in summer here. Water pools up and then runs like a river down to the sea and when it does it cuts right through the sand to leave lots of little washes and some really big cuts in the beach.

I was sitting around feeling bad because I couldn’t go hunting and then it struck me that the washes would be back again! Sure enough as I got to the beach early this morning and the beach had a lots of water that had run over it and cut into it. I suppose that the parking lot fills up to the brim and then it rains very hard and it begins to overflow. As the overflow trickles across the sand it takes a few grains of sand with it as it makes it back to the sea. As the first water moves across the beach it begins a cut and then the water that is piled up in the parking lot begins to flow with a lot of force across the beach taking several feet of sand back to the sea.

The rains came with some wind and the downpour also took some sand from the face of the slope that meets the water line. There was no telling how much sand had been removed from it because the water had been very high and took more sand off too. All in all, it was pretty much a virgin beach today and there was lots of beach that had coins and jewelry in it that was worked to death a week ago.

In another recent article I spoke about the hurricanes that tear into the beaches but the heavy rains do a job on it in a smaller way. I walked into the largest cut which was over two feet below the beach chairs and umbrellas which set well above me. I was picking up a few coins and then I dug this deep object which was completely encrusted and black but I could see that it was a disc about two inches in diameter and looked like a large coin! I have a feeling that it is very, very old.

The sun came out and the rainwater everywhere turned into instant steam and I began to boil. All together we picked up two rings, a pretty silver necklace and heart pendant, and a nice mans silver chain bracelet. The heat was oppressive and we had to leave the beach but I wanted to tell you about this opportunity so that you will not miss it. The large old coin also rang up in the gold range so there is no telling what it is. There was a pirate camp only two miles from the spot and I am sure that they scampered all over the beach for years.

As I set here typing this article the huge coin object sits in electrolysis boiling away but I have never seen so much of the black crud that clings to the old things like this one. It was very hard to make contact with the object to attach the metal clip and it still had a heavy coating on it but I got one little place to contact it and it started drawing current on the battery charger…. Yes a battery charger! I am not going to let this thing drain all my batteries and it will take some serious current to be able to cook off the black crud. I will post a follow up when ever it gets clean enough to see and let you all know what it turned out to be. Probably an old washer, but maybe this is the good one. I hate waiting……..





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