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spreading oak tree Chapter 2

spreading oak tree Chapter 2

Under the spreading oak tree

Chapter Two

I ordered the small coil for the CZ7 detector and it seemed like forever before it finally came and the rains continued so that the ground was soaked here. The little coil was a tool that can be used when you have masking problems that occur when there are iron and nails scattered in the soil where you can look right between two iron objects and see a deep old silver coin. Well when I finally got the chance to detect the old site again the day was threatening with sprinkles of rain and darkening skies.

I walked in a pattern making sure to overlap my coil swings so as not to miss anything and before long I started picking up coin signals. Now I had taken an old Indian head penny that I have and moved it across the coil to see where it would show up on the LCD meter and as I suspected it indicated that it was a (zinc) penny so when I swung my coil across the ground today I was looking for that same indication hoping for old Indian head pennies. Needless to say I got several signals that indicated that they might be Indian head pennies but they were not deeper than 4 or 5 inches deep and all turned out to be newer zinc cents. Drat! I found well over a dollar in newer coins and kept listening for the deep signals but they were not there.

It looked like there was a church activity going on and before long a couple of nice ladies were curious about that strange man out there waving that device around and I removed my earphones so I could hear them. I explained that since this site was going to be a construction site that I had asked for and received permission to detect there and I had a nice talk with them and discovered that one lady attended the old academy before it was torn down and she told me that I was digging in the wrong spot (sigh). Oh well, live and learn, the Academy was on the other side of the parking lot but I didn’t have permission to hunt there.

I quickly finished up my pattern search of the area and walk back the perimeter to the car when I got a strong coin signal from the detector. It indicated that it was about 6 inches deep so I got interested as I removed the plug. The soil was gummy and very moist and as I separated the plug I was looking at a very bright silver quarter. No it was not very old but it was a 1960D silver and in nice shape. That brightened my mood some as I returned to the car.

Upon returning home I looked through the coins and saw a quarter sized disc that was covered with a hard crust and it looked to have been in the ground a long time. At first when I dug it I thought it was a punch out plug from an electrical box but upon inspection I could see writing on it so I put it in soapy water to soak. I can read something like PICKING CHECK but It is unclear and I will have to soak it or use electrolysis to remove the heavy crust.

Thinking back on it there had to be something built on that spot because the ground was full of artifacts that I didn’t dig because it would have left a nasty hole to fill and there were tons of nails there. Perhaps they had piled the remains of the old Academy on the area but I suspect that in the old days there was an old outbuilding there. Well I learned that the new small coil works excellent in such conditions and I think I may attempt to gain permission to hunt a century old Hotel site in a small town near here soon or try to find one of the old Confederate army camps near here.




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