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Spring break

Spring break

{spring break}
When you grow tired of researching old treasure sites turn your eyes to where the people are today. Here the water is still cold and the days often foggy or rainy and the great swarms of swimmers and fun in the sun people still hide under their roof. Except all of the stored up emotions and ambition of the young school people when spring break arrives. Here spring break is staggered across several weeks as the young people prepare to party hardy no matter “what” the weather brings. Party here mean going to a stretch of beach where “anything goes” and teens can drink or dress however they want. Large fires are generally built and music is blasted so loud the fish must go crazy. The point of all my digression is that all drunken party’s leave a considerable amount of coins.

I made a trip last week to look at the party and where it was located and it was interesting driving in the parade of cars through dazed teens working hard at doing it right! Locally it was at Bolivar beach in an area called by the locals as the “ZOO”. Television stories showed local homeowners railing about nudity and such stuff that seems to be the makeup of the party in 1996. The only problem that I found with it was it was so cold that no one would go into the water (to lose rings) but all that activity is bound to drop some treasures.

Find out where everyone is going during spring break and have some fun of your own with a detector. I just came back from the beach with some coins and an interesting experience of looking over the things that the party leaves behind




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