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The Amazing Day

The Amazing Day

In the early afternoon my wife and I noticed that it was quite cloudy and since this was the only cloudy day all summer we decided that it might be cool enough to go to hunt the dry beach. It was also fairly calm but I was not prepared for what we saw as we drove over the seawall at the beach. The sea was as flat as glass and the searing 100+ degree temps had moderated to around 80 degrees as we drove onto the beach. My original intention had been just to hunt the dry sand but it looked so pretty in the water that I decided to water hunt. I entered the clear, calm water and it was absolutely delightful and very comfortable as I moved out into the deeper swimming area that I have difficulty in reaching in the rough seas.

It was so quiet although there were lots of swimmers enjoying the day and I hardly noticed the background tone of the detector as there were almost no signals. All at once I got a large signal that I took for a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses are plentiful in the water but they all have scratches on them but as I lifted my scoop I could see a pair of brand new glasses and strangly enough they didn’t have even the slightest scratches on them. As I waded in the shoulder deep water I saw a Dolphin roll only a few dozen feet from me and it was really pretty but I just couldn’t get over how rare this day was and how strange that there was nothing. I recall, as I often do, talking to my Lord and saying it has been a very long time since I have ever found any gold here and I suppose that I was considerably discouraged. Often there is cheap earclips and play rings that keep me busy but not even them! Other than a few coins the entire swimming area seemed as though it was vacuumed clean. I really hunted hard and covered over ten acres I guess back and forth to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. Finally I was winded and we went to get something to eat.

Later it was still so nice and the low tides would be around sunset so we decided to stay and watch the full moon rise over the ocean that is so pretty on the beach. The tide began to pull the water back as the beach folks picked up their junk and chased down their kids to leave the beach. I felt sure that I would find a ring in the shallow cuts that the water and tides had cut through the sand and I searched them diligently but only found a few toy cars and a Mexican coin that seemed to be a Mayan commemorative.

I had noticed that a large man was sitting in the middle of one of the cuts. He looked as though he did not get out in the sun very much and he was very tall. Two small tots were keenly interested in what he was doing but all that I could see as I swept the sand and walked past him is that he had a hand down into the bottom of the sandy wash reaching down for something. As the sun set and most people had left the beach I still worked the beach near him and then without a word he stood up and walked to me and said something that I didn’t remember exactly about how I might want this as he handed me a bundle of what appeared to be cheap costume jewelry and the kind that a small girl might have in her play jewelry chest. I took the bundle with a comment that it looked like costume jewelry and didn’t even thank him as I really felt strange taking it.

I put it away in my pouch and didn’t think much more about it other than I might tease my wife with my big finds! It got dark and we left the beach to come home and we drove in about 10:00 at night. I emptied my bag on the counter and took the strange bundle of gold colored jewelry over to the couch to look at it with the glass. There was a chain twisted all around everything and it took me a while to untangle it. I could hardly believe how much there was in that tight little bundle. It turned out to be six rings and a crucifix with chain. It was about time to retire for the evening when I picked up the magnifying glass to look at one of the “play” rings. I could not believe it as I read 10K. I laid it down and picked up the others and they were all 10K gold! The crucifix turned out to be 14 Karat gold with the chain too. It was just too much for me as I puzzled over the jewelry and thought about the big man.

I considered two scenarios. First that someone took the jewelry from their friends to hold while they went swimming but then he lost it. I also considered that it belonged to another hunter and fell out of his pouch. The second possibility was extremely remote as I hunt this beach and the best day that I have ever had was only a very few gold rings not seven gold! Some of the good hunters don’t find that much in a year! The first scenario could not have been correct because as I studied the jewelry I could see that it had been lost at the beach for a while and I had hunted that wash all summer! One engagement band had the diamond broken off and another had lost the setting! There was two chains that were both broken and not the kind of thing that was lost by one person holding new jewelry. That left me without any idea how all that gold was just pulled out of a shallow hole between one mans legs as he sat in the shallow water in the cut. The finds were just about the amount and kind of finds that I would have made over my last slump period when I could hardly find anything.

It was then that I mentioned the man that gave it to me to my wife and since she only hunted a little way from me as we worked up and down the shore she looked at me strangely and said “What man”? It was about then that a cold chill ran down my backbone and I told here of the big man sitting in the wash but she told me that she walked around there and there was no one like that. I sat in awe of the events, as I still am, but here is the picture of the gold for you to see and if you come by the house I will let you hold it. It is very real but it is certainly the most amazing treasure that I shall ever find! Only I didn’t find it……





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