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The big one

The big one

The big one

Ever heard the phrase “opportunity knocks but once”? Well that message was not lost on me this week as I lay around the house sick with the flu. Thinking back over the number of places my feet have trod this year while detecting I recalled with clarity one thing that I had forgotten about. There was a time when I was detecting a large field near Galveston bay when I received a strong silver indication. The kind you don’t get from tin cans or metal trash but it was large and deep and as I recall it was a drippy day and water stood in places around the muddy field and my wife was along with me on this trip but had elected to sit this one out in the car. Knowing full well that I had extended my “grace period” of her time I got this signal and made one or two attempts to dig it out with a six inch digger. The attempt failed and when I glanced at the car I figured that I had better put this off for another day. Well to make a long story short I never returned to it or that field again. Only this week my mind seemed to pick it out of thousands of places I have hunted with such clarity that it seemed important to me even in my feverish state.

Now you might say that who would have left anything of value like a large cache of silver in some old field there because that is what I asked myself when I recalled it. And then thinking on it a bit I realized that six flags have flown over Texas and a number of explorers have walked this land. The Spanish, the French, the Mexican army, the early Texas army, early Texas pioneers, and not to exclude the famous pirate Jean Lafitte looking for places to stash his pirated silver and gold which he stole from the Spanish who stole it from the Indians all frequented this area. Also the early pioneers were prey for the pesky canabalistic Indians which flourished in the area. So it has had some activity and a substantial number of stories about buried treasures here. My mind considered the strong silver indication and thought about chests of reales, bars, or even more likely the large flat silver plates that were stolen from the Spanish who mined them in Mexico or central America.

Ok, I reminded myself, I won’t forget this when I get well enough to return. I will go back and locate that place and I just hope that I don’t find a large square hole in the ground where it was.

Always remember those places that looked very promising where you gave up digging for one reason or another. Most importantly don’t be too quick to blame the detector or just ignore the thing that isn’t a coin anyhow.

I remember a friend recalling an incident that happened to his friend while he was treasure hunting in Mexico around one of the abandoned hacienda’s or “great houses” in that country. He had searched all around the area finding the little relics and coins that could be picked up just under the soil when he got a strong broad signal. His reaction was to slap his detector and curse the thing and leave the signal as just a bad indication. Well time passed and he gave up his hunt and some time later a detachment of Mexican soldiers who seemed to know what they were looking for arrived at the house. They walked back and forth to find the location of the “bad signal” and upon digging a bit were rewarded with a wooden plank in the hole. They finished digging it out only to uncover a crate of gold bars! Well it only goes to show that the detector was trying to tell him something interesting and his reaction was disgust, anger and impatience which led him away from his destiny. Please consider any indication which you may have received or will receive could be your destiny just underfoot and give the detector the consideration that it deserves and just dig it up

That brings me to this point, when you don’t have reason or time to dig these targets then carry a probe with you that can at least determine how deep that it really is. I made one for that purpose which has a wooden handle and a small steel rod which I can plunge into the ground at least 3 feet deep and withdraw easily. That should be in your car trunk all of the time and never fail to use it for this kind of signal

Don’t let the BIG ONE get away!




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