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The Great American Dream

The Great American Dream

The Great American Dream vs
The Great American Nightmare

If the American dream was written into a few sentences it would say something about freedom and achieving a lifestyle that a person could be proud of with years of hard work. Something that “they” couldn’t take away from you.

These days when you get older a doctor makes notes on a pad and his nurse calls a social worker to change your entire life. The state takes your home away from you overnight and padlocks it and they shove you into a nursing home. There you are guaranteed not to last over 24 months and if you did, you would surely regret it!

It has changed some over the years and now has become more nightmare than dream. Now young people do not simply work for years and buy a place of their own to live out their days in restful satisfaction. Young people only seem to be influenced by achieving a “Power Status”. As soon as they get married and have jobs (plural) they buy an outrageously expensive mansion to state that they have arrived. This works ok for a year or two and then kids interfere with the plan. Difficulty in money and time conflict to the end that they shortly get a divorce (if they were married). The home never was owned by them, the two new cars never was owned by them. The kids may have been theirs but they did not invest THEIR time or care in raising them and actually they were more a status symbol than anything else. The wife keeps her new car, they sue each other over the kids and the house goes on sale, quick!

Contrast that to the way our forefathers did it. They married and lived very inexpensively and when kids came she stayed home to care for them and make sure that they were raised to respect their elders and do the chores. More than likely they had one used car and rented a house for a while until they could afford a modest home.

The home or car was not a status symbol. You have status symbols not to please yourself but to impress others and purchase respect. The movies may show you that you can purchase respect but you have to earn it the hard way before you will get your share.

Well, I have seen it done both ways now and the older was better than the newer for sure, but both hardly represent the idealized dream.

It occurs to me at my age now that there could have been far, far better ways to live. One, if not the best dream that America offers is not what most think it is. The best freedom in America is the open highway. You can drive un-opposed from state to state and across borders. The freedom to see the natural beauty of America is a more pure form of the American dream and these days it is achievable at an early age. You do not have to work for 40 or 50 years and live like a pig to have it.

Most folks know that we just got a motorhome and that has opened up my eyes to refresh the dream and give me hope in this ragged old country again. I don’t have to sit and listen to soap operas or trash TV to fill my life. I can hit the open road in style and yes even a bit of status too. It seems that once you enter into the motoring crowd you live in another country. Many level headed folks that spend their time enjoying life to the fullest.


Now you might say that how can I do that on MY salary? There are ways to begin at even a young age. Some couples find that they get paid to drive all over the country to rate the RV parks or write books or RV articles for magazines but now with a online country you can be online and on the road too. That means that if you wanted to you could sell products from the freedom of the open road. There are so many ways to make a good living and yet have your freedom and family to share it with. I suggest that you raise your eyes to a higher dream and give it some thought. Many in this great nation are homeless and loving it!

For those of us who enjoy the quiet passtime of metal detecting this is the fulfillment of the impossible dream. To drive from untouched hunting site to others and having a ball all the way. The expenses of a motorhome are nothing compared to living life in plan “B”. They still don’t charge property tax or school tax if you move around in this country. You can find top of the line RV parks with great recreational facillities for less than $400 a month. You can live in style and comfort and save money too. You can move around with a crowd of fun lovers that are not trapped by the rat race. You can be as free as birds and will have an adventure to tell your grandkids that will be hard to match.

For those with kids there are available tools for home tutoring now and the practice is accepted in many areas. Also I imagine that the internet offers many options that I have not even considered yet. Just think, when you tire of the view then all it takes it only to switch on the ignition and push on the gas peddle to move on and find greener pastures.

Motorhoming offers a degree of freedom from big brother also. Many parks don’t care who you are if you pay the rental on your parking area and you can pay that in cash. In a time when brother is getting nasty I find it mildly amusing that I could stay on the road for years and they would never know where I was.

It seems to me that we only return home now to get the mail, and cut the grass. Many folks have learned to love the adventure of being footloose and fancy free. You can have all your bills payed automatically at the bank and who needs junk mail anyway!

The online and on the highway crowd are growing fast folks. Get your share of the last of the great American dream before it gets messed up like everything else!




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