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The perfect day

The perfect day

The Perfect Day

As the time came for the low minus tides at the beach we seemed to get stiff winds in the evenings at the same time which caused the surf to push the water higher up on the beach and defeat the extra low tides. This continued during the 3 day (small) minus tides until the day of the very steep low tide. Yesterday trouble clouded our skies as storms blew in from the east with severe weather in mid afternoon and then the steady rain set in and it looked very much like it was going to be a wash out. Around supper time however, the rain stopped and as I checked the radar and weather reports the rain was no longer falling on the beach and wonder of wonder the high winds had laid to still! Quickly we jumped up and started grabbing everything we needed to head for the water. We loaded the mule and packed everything but it didn’t take very long because we were motivated now. It seemed to take forever to drive to the beach but as we drove upon the seawall we could see the most wonderful site you ever want to see. The flags were just hanging down and the wind was still while the sea had retreated well back even as good as it gets in mid winter here.

I was so anxious I wanted to just go right in there but this time we drove farther down to another beach. I could not get over how wonderful everything was. The sun was low and the clouds reflected the reddish gold while the people who didn’t get run off when it rained were delighting in the water and the pleasant evening. We reached our hunting area and as we drove up my heart almost burst with excitement as I saw the water had pulled back so that the sand bars that normally were under 2 feet of water was standing over a foot out of the water and the channel that lay between the first bar was almost empty! I grabbed my CZ20 detector and big scoop and wasted no time as I got to the water. This was better than I had ever seen it here and completely still which is extremely unusual because we normally have a sea breeze on the beach.

I waded the cut and had to zig-zag back and forth to cover all of the bottom and worked over a half mile of it as it grew dark. I went over many iron targets that I would have had to stop and dig with my pulse detector but I never slowed my search until I got either coin signals which were very few or the pulltab signals which signaled gold perhaps. As I neared the end of the cut and the bottom was exposed to the air I turned and started to work the exposed ground back the other way. I had just seen another hunter work this same area and he seemed to be using a Whites detector. It was only a few seconds and I got a strong pulltab signal which took some digging with my water scoop but I finally got the sand out and broke it apart to look for the origin of the signal. It seemed to originate from one certain clump of sand and as I picked it up and crushed it in my hand I felt my fingers close on a ring. I pulled it out of the sand and washed it off to reveal a nice 10k gold ladies ring with two hearts which hung from the center. It was a nice find and this was really a very nice experience as much of the crowds had gone by now and I had much of the beach to myself.

Then It struck me where it hurts. There is sooooo much good hunting area here and only so much time to hunt before the tide comes rushing back in. That is the way it is when you work the tides like a sandpiper who runs out for his dinner as the water retreats and back to shore ahead of the big waves. I picked up a broken bracelet with lots of diamonds(imitation) as I moved back down the cut. I moved into the deeper water and picked up another gold ring but no marking but it was very thin anyway. I worked the exposed part of the sand bar as I saw the tide turn and picked up another gold plated ring and a pair of sunglasses. A funny thing is that the sunglasses sound off as a pulltab but the target profile is broad and long so I started to dig and then dug it out with my hands to avoid breaking them. We have so many sun glasses we have found this way this year that they are stacked all over our house.

My wife walked near me using the Piranha pulse detector and came up with a 10k gold crucifix and chain with small diamond chips. We had worked so hard to maximize our time with the low tide we were dragging and weary as the cuts filled up again with the rushing sea so we reluctantly looked back and walked to the car to wait (how long) for another perfect day.




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