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The Quest

The Quest

Old Spanish Gold cob Old Spanish Gold cob Old Spanish Gold cob

Chapter one – DEJAVU

From the days of our childhood many of us kids dreamed of discovering pirate treasure, gold and silver coins from ages past. Since I live in the backyard of Jean Lafitte and he reportedly buried tons of the stuff around here I guess the dream still lives. From time to time it is sparked to life by stories I have heard like one fellow who was building a new home on Galveston beach and as the bulldozer leveled the land it pushed up a chest full of large silver plates, gems, and gold coins. So I know that it is most probably still around and I have researched history and listened to stories until I had enough to prompt an investigation.

My wife and I were armed with two Garrett GTA1000 detectors and accessories as we plowed through the grass probing for signals. The search had gone on for several hours and had no results when my expectation suddenly peaked. The area looked like the one we were looking for and there wasn’t any metal trash.

I slowed my search so that I would not miss anything as I excitedly listened for “the” signal that I was looking for. Suddenly it was there! Just exactly where I thought it might be. My mind raced as I hesitated to dig it before I took pictures. I was sure that I would find gold! Finally I could not stand the suspense and started digging. I reached into the soil and felt that familiar touch; a pulltab!! Stay tuned for chapter two – the story continues.




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