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The relic hunters library

The relic hunters library

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North South Trader Price Guide A must have for any collector. Over 200 pages of information, prices and history of everything from bullets to cannons.

Record Of American Uniforms And Historical Buttons By A.H. Albert Hardbound 511 Pgs. Pictures And Detailed Descriptions Of Hundreds Of Us And Cs Buttons.

Civil War Artifacts: A Guide For The Historian By Howard Crouch Hardbound 237 Pgs. Excellent Photography. Great For Identifying Your Finds.

The Illustrated History Of American Civil War Relics By Stephen W. Sylvia And Michael J. O Donnel. Hardback Illustrated 319 Pgs. Traces The History Of Civil War Relics From The War To Modern Day Collecting.

The Official Military Atlas Of The Civil War Hardbound The Maps Every Serious Researcher And Historians Needs In His Library.

Illustrated Catalog Of Civil War Military Goods Softbound.

Civil War Collectors Guide To Albert’s Button Book By Daniel J. Binder Softbound 84 Pgs. Gives Listings Of Buttons That Are Considered Civil War Era.

American Military Button Makers And Dealers; Their Backmarks And Dates By William Mc Guinn And Bruce Bazelon Hardbound 150 Pgs.

The Illustrated History Of American Civil War Relics By Sylvia And O Donnell Hardbound 336 Pgs. Excellent Reference Book, No Collector Should Be Without This One.

Plates And Buckles Of The American Military By Sydney C. Kerksis Hardbound 567 Pgs. Classic Reference Book.

Melton And Pawl’s Guide To Civil War Artillery Projectiles By Melton And Pawl Softbound 96 Pgs. Great Photos, Well Researched Reference On Artillery.

Introduction To Field Artillery Ordinance, 1861-1865 By Melton And Pawl Hardbound 280 Pgs

Civil War Projectiles II: Small Arms &Field; Artillery With Supplement-The Memorial Edition By Mc Kee And Mason Hardbound 202 Pgs. Hundred Of Photos.

An Introduction To Civil War Small Arms By Coates And Thomas Softbound 96 Pgs. Info And Photos Of Muskets, Rifles, Carbines And Pistols.

Cannons: An Introduction To Civil War Artillery By Dean Thomas Softbound 72 Pgs, Concise Guide To Weapons, Ammo And Equipment Of The Civil War Artillery.

American Military Belt Plates By Michael O Donnell And J. Duncan Campbell Hardbound 614 Pgs. Massive Study That Covers All Know Plates From The Revolutionary War To The Spanish-American Conflict 1776-1910. Great Reference Book

Directory Of American Military Goods, Dealers And Makers By Bazelon And Mc Guinn Hardbound 180 Pgs. Information On Manufactors, Contracts And Dates Of Production.

The Comprehensive Catalog Of Confederate Paper Money By Grover Criswell Hardbound 320 Pgs. Covers Every Aspect Of Confederate Currency.

Civil War Commanders By Daen S. Thomas Softbound 72 Pgs. Photos And Biographies On Cs And Us Officers.

The Collectors Guide To Civil War Period Bottles And Jars 2nd Edition By Mike Russell, Revised Prices. More Than 190 New Listings, Improved Graphics And Supporting Photos. Soft Bound, 95 Pgs.

Shiloh’s Civil War Relics Online(Great books)
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