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The Treasure Hunt of the Century

The Treasure Hunt of the Century

The word was that the Texas Council of Treasure clubs was going to have its 19th annual convention and hunt at Abilene Texas this year. We made plans to go and mailed off our entry fee. We got to the Civil center in Abilene a few days before the hunt so that we could park the RV in back and hook up to the very few electrical plugs available. We found that one hunter had been parked there for a week already and he was from California. Soon the president of the Texas Council, Keith Wills, showed up and been directing the setups for the displays and the meeting rooms for the seminars. Actually you get so much for your measly entry fee in something like this. We picked up lots of freebies while they gave away prizes every few minutes. There were so many displays with all kinds of treasures from a large number of Texas clubs. Some tables were full of all kinds of relics while another would have loads of rings. Some displays were helping folks to learn about gold hunting and finding nuggets. The manufacturers were there sure enough and I saw more metal detectors than anywhere before I think. For myself, I like to wander around and meet some of my many friends that I have met in the years of detecting. Earlier, while we sat in the RV and waited for the show to open a cool front blew in and of all things, it snowed!


The seminars were a hit and we learned some unknown new facts about the Knights of the Golden Circle treasures that were quite interesting. I think that everyone at the show had a grand time and soon the time for the Treasure Hunt of the Century was approaching. We all had heard that it was going to be a great hunt. We went out to the location and saw the man with a large tractor and heavy disc plow who was plowing up the ground to make it ready for the hunt. The only problem was that Abilene was in drought and the ground was power dry. The big disc made its way through the dry soil and broke it up pretty good. There were a few clods but mostly the soil had been turned into powder. We heard Keith call for planters and the word that I overheard was that he was going to plant around 30,000 silver coins and 100 silver dollars including tokens for the large amount of metal detectors to be given away. I looked at the detectors and they were not just cheap ones. There was a new Minelab Explorer, a Fisher CZ7a Pro, and lots of other nice machines. I counted around twenty four prize detectors that would be won with tokens. There was lots of other nice give aways too like headphones and such.


Metal detectors given away at the hunt


A picture of the hunt field and the huntmaster Keith Wills

Soon the time came to gather up all the hunters and convoy to the hunting site. We were up front and it seems to me that I never have seen so many hunters. They just kept parking more and more cars. It seemed to me that the count for hunters was up to two hundred and forty something but they still poured in. I have never seen so many hunters at one hunt before. When the time for the hunt came everyone had his or her badge checked and took their place in the field with their coil up. I walked into the field and there were many coins that still laid on the surface and I could only guess how many lay buried!


Still,there were some hunters reluctant to leave the field after the hunt

Near the time for the starting horn I picked a place with several coins laying on top. The field was so full of hunters that the most room that any hunter might have had was around 8 foot around him and many had less than that. Even though the field was several acres it was that full! What a sight! The horn blew and I filled my hands quickly with coins and began looking with hope for one of the lucky tokens. I loaded my bag till it was heavy in only a short while but no token. The wife had a silver dollar and lots of quarters and dimes but she also had found no token. Soon the hunt was over and the hunters gathered around with their tokens for their prize. I never saw so many happy hunters! Everyone quickly traded his token for a nice new metal detector and went away happy. If you ever get a chance to get to come to one of the Treasure Hunts of the Century you will have a nice time and a chance to find a token and claim your nice prize. I was a bit let down because I had found no token but there are some who are lucky very often and then others of us who never seem to find the big tokens. Ahh Well, there is always next time!




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