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Thrill of victory

Thrill of victory

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

In the annals of our detecting adventures we march out to explore the subsurface with our chin up and expectation high but we never know what to expect. One of the worst hunting days for me ended with a gold coin and the days when things should be just perfect I bring home pulltabs. One thing I know, its a lot like fishing and also something like the stock market. I sit here and write this having just returned well after dark from water hunting for four hours and my total take was one thin dime and a gold plated earring(with the gold nearly rubbed off).

If I work myself up and think that I am going to have a great day I generally get a little panicky when I can’t find anything and then I start pushing myself to work harder. That ALWAYS results in failure. If I have no expectation of finding anything and I am just relaxed and taking my time I generally find the most. It doesn’t figure! I cover more ground when I am working hard and I don’t miss anything because I work patterns and listen good for signals but it simply is not there! Have you ever thought about finding good things? By that I mean how we react when we find something good? When I dig up something super fantastic like a big gold ring I inhale quickly and the things that pass through my mind rate the find something like this.

Big gold ring with stones (deep breath and hold it) Oooee! wow! I toss it up and catch it to see how much it weighs and if it is heavy “Woooo”! (serious look on my face)

Small gold band (deep breath and hold it) OOoee! (serious look)

Silver ring (grin) whee!

Large clad coins (smile)

Pennies (frown) groan

Pulltabs (disgusted look) low moan

Wheaties (smile)

Old silver coins(grin)

Really old coins (deep inhale) serious look Wow!

And of course there is the trip home with my hunting partner(my wife) and If I have outdone myself and found heaps of goodies then I am chattering like a magpie and charged with energy and driving fast to get home and look with the magnifying glass to inspect my great finds. However if I have really done bad (especially after working extra hard to find something) I drive home slow and complain about aches and pains and talk about anything but treasure hunting.

It seems to me that my best experiences have happened when I have been rested and relaxed and am not trying hard but just poking around and taking my time. Having said this I might mention that I have never been able to plan a relaxed hunt and the only time that I take my time is when I am sure that there is nothing to find and I am just wasting time. Strange!

I suppose then perhaps I should plan for failure… Who knows? One thing is sure, and that is that anytime I venture out to metal detect I never have a clue whether I will find anything or not! I guess that is part of the mystery and adventure and if I ever figure this thing out I will be sure to post it for your information, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

A whole new turn of events is occurring for treasure hunters because a uninformed and gullible public will buy anything without enough information and pay good money for it. The TV station that sells all of the cheap jewelry was pushing one more cheap piece of junk the other day by telling the prospective buyers that 10 karat gold was better because it was stronger than 14k or 18k. So far this year our jewelry finds have gone steeply downhill from nice 14k things last year to very cheap shell 10k rings without anymore gold in it than you could put on the head of a pin. From here it still went down this summer to lead and cheap metal rings that are not even gold plated. Gee whiz, I can remember how I used to rave about cheap gold plated rings too. From my experiences here I have heard from the Florida beaches where fake items are showing up rather regularly there. Here is a picture of a necklace with a Gucci label and the 14k gold markings that is totally fake.

The tag on the right shows Gucci 14k .The other side reads $450.00. Also 14k is stamped on the back of the medallion.On both the claws its states “Italy 14k”. The chain is gold plated and the medallion is brass. Can you imagine the look on the treasure hunters face when he realizes that his wonderful find is junk? He would likely exclaim “Oh Noooooo!” and think about giving up hunting for goodies for good.

What is happening here folks? Are people that weak minded that they can’t tell brass from gold? Do they really believe that 10k is better than 18k? Is the jewelry industry dumping trash on ignorant buyers or has the American public run out of disposable income and can no longer afford to purchase the real thing and hope to fool their friends with the cheap imitation?

I suppose the American public will have to take care of themselves but unless things improve here I guess the only place to find good gold items is on foreign beaches where well off people still lose the real thing.




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