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Time to upgrade the detector

Time to upgrade the detector

We all face the question now and then, should I keep the old one or sell it and buy a new one, or keep it and get the new one also? In my humble opinion I think what we should do and what we desire to do get in the way of good decisions.
Lets review the reasons we should purchase a new detector.

1. Our detector is worn out and quit working
2. We discover that better detectors produce better finds
3. We are able to sell our detector at a good price and can upgrade easy
4. We move our detecting to another field of endeavor(gold, relics, underwater)

If we have worn out our present detector and it cannot be repaired easily then the justification is clear that a new one is in the works. However suppose like new cars every year the detector companies come out with another crop of detectors and you like the idea of being on the cutting edge and the status of having the best. If that is your reasoning be glad you are not upgrading you automobile every year but you cannot be satisfied for long or justify your purchase by producing more finds.

It is generally true that better detectors cost the most and if you should just purchase the most expensive detector you could wind up with something like the cars of the 60’s and where they were heavy and loaded with chrome your detector would have too many features that you would not use and the battery drain would be excessive and it would tire you quickly and take away the fun out of going lite and easy. Its better getting out to have some fun without being loaded down with a bad detector.

Some folks have discovered that they can buy a new detector at a discount and try it a while and then sell it for only a little less giving them the feeling that they have more experience than others who hunt with the same old beeper year after year.

I have discovered something interesting about detectors that you will not find in the details. They all have their own personality so to speak, and sometimes you have to look past what the machine is trying to tell you to the more subtle messages like the way it reacts to the target. That may be a key feature that was never mentioned on the specifications page but can make the difference in the field if you can begin to understand your detector. This is just not something the casual hunter would notice but the detectorist could use to his or her advantage. There is much to take into consideration when you change detectors!

How many people can purchase a new detector and have confidence in it? That’s right, it often takes years of experience to hear a signal and have the confidence to know that it is a good target when many users can be blasted with too many signals that they can’t begin to understand, much less sort out and comprehend.

It is a smart thing to do to take the time before you purchase a shiny new beeper to consider whether or not it is multi-tasking so to speak. In other words can it function well as a dry land detector, salt beach detector, underwater detector, relic detector, or gold detector. Very few can accomplish this feat yet we as users are always moving on into new fields and use this justification to spend more money that the kids can use for education or you can use for retirement!

I am trying to get this idea across to you that you can get more detector for the money if you consider all these ideas. Also comprehending the signals of a single detector is not something you can do in a short time no matter who you are. It takes a lot of experience digging targets to feel sure about certain sounds or the way your detector behaves with certain types of targets that may be unique.

Also consider that if you have had a good detector that has served you well and you could find lots of goodies with it then you should keep it when you buy a new detector. It would be a good backup when the other detector quits on you or a great loaner for someone who you want to take hunting with you that doesn’t have a detector. Its always fun to go back to your first detector and discover that on some things it may find targets that your new expensive detector won’t!

Good advice is worth something and I speak from experience because I have upgraded and purchased detectors several times and now own 3 detectors worth over $3500 and two other detectors worth about $1500. The main reason for my upgrades was to purchase the best detectors for hunting in salt water and wet sand beaches. If someone had told me about these things when I started I would have been able to maximize my purchase for the best choice.





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