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Tiny treasures

Tiny treasures

Tiny treasures
You know that things have changed these days when you drive by a school yard at an elementary school and remember what you used to do at recess compared to activities now. The boys would always find some distraction to busy themselves with, keep-away or kick the tin can and the girls used to skip rope, hop-scotch or just sit around in the shade and talk. Then kids weren’t hyper active, requiring constant medication, they were just plain kids. Some played games and some just sat and talked depending on their disposition or social attitudes. Today they do not have the chance. One school near here just sends them running around and around a very large field until they are ready to drop in to their chairs at the end of recess. Not much social interaction there, just draining the hyper activity some. One school had all of the kids trying to play soccer on concrete with several hundreds of dollars of protective gear on. I shook my head over that one, but the school nearest me with hoards of kids had them play soccer on large grass fields with no gear on. Crashing into each other and the ground but not just the boys, but girls (aggression training?) were not playing with the girls but slamming themselves into the Melee in hard competition with the boys. You might understand why many adults now are not quite sure of their gender, but pardon my digression because my story is not about the schools but only about the large school yard near me. One of the liberties I take sometimes is extrapolating societal changes to the future of this planet. I guess it comes from early goals established in my childhood which intended my adult role as a gentleman and the girls, as ladies. A historic anomaly I’m sure.

The school yard has been well stocked with coins and objects of delight enough to keep me busy when I don’t have time to pursue the larger treasures. I have detected every square foot of the place by now and have dug basically all of the coins. In the winter when the sky is clear and the sun feels warm and comfortable I still return to the field to look for a different kind of treasure these days. For some reason, I am not sure why, there are little pieces of aluminum cans twisted into small pieces and buried every step or so all over the place. Up until now I have avoided digging these either because the ground was too hard or it was too hot to waste time on them. I have discovered, to my delight, that almost every fifth or sixth trash target turns out to be some neat little thing that I never expected to see there.

One day after the coins played out I started just digging every tiny piece of metal that I could find and was ready to give it up as the sun was going down when I pulled out a mans large gold nugget ring with 5 diamonds, fake of course, but interesting enough to bring me back to try it later. One tiny signal turned out to be a very tiny gold locket with a small diamond but the picture had faded out and in a few minutes I came up with a beautiful gold dipped Indian head penny, 1905, that was cutout very intricately around the Indian’s headdress. The detail was very sharp and I began to get really interested what lay ahead of me as there are many acres in this school yard. Before long I dug up a 100 peso coin, brass of course but they always make me think I have found a gold coin. On it went with rings and pins in between 5 or 6 twisted pieces of aluminum. I began to see where it came from with the girls wearing the trinkets crashing headlong into the running and kicking game where many accidents were bound to occur with all of the jewelry flying everywhere in the grass. One strange thing I found was a small chrome bracket that I just couldn’t figure out. Sometime later I found the answer. An American Spirit chrome whistle in perfect shape without the bracket that holds it onto a chain. I am pleased to say it is now returned to functional order and I will take it with me when I go detecting the beaches next time.

You see, metal detecting is not only a great way to exercise, but you can rediscover the delight you had as a child when you found something good, meet great friends, and expand your mind in ways that challenges your creative thinking. In my experience I have found the people who I have liked the most were the ones who could find delight in the smallest of things, not racing in the fast lane of life like some super Mario game, collecting trophys while stepping on others in the path but spending time wisely because time after all is all we really ever have.




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