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To a brighter day

To a brighter day

After many of the larger treasure hunts and visiting with lots of hunters including all my internet friends I am beginning to formulate a concept that we all need to think about. It seems to me that over lifetimes and careers in metal detecting that there are and have been certain key people who have guided or helped our motley group of wild eyed adventurers to think of ourselves on a higher level.

That may sound a little silly but here in plain old language is the problem. Here we all are and all that we like to do is to just spend good time in the sun with the beeper of our choice and that is more or less a private thing. Sure there are some larger club events but still that doesn’t change things much. If someone else was to stand off and look at us then we must seem all some what self-contained and content to follow our fancy. But here is the problem. We have reached huge proportions and still have a small idea of what we want to stand for, who we are, what we are, and what we could do to make things better.

There have been major contributions from organizations like the FMDAC and others but we still need to form a national consensus of those things that are of importance to us. We have fine examples of great men who have dedicated their time and moneys to boost our hobby. I think that first of all we should desire a good reputation and should aspire to the lofty goals of integrity and truthfulness. Among ourselves we should desire to do our duty of policing the rogues and outlaws who do great harm to our lifestyle. These people invade private lands, sneak in at night into historic battlegrounds, and cause harm and ill will to all those upright among us who wish only to gain good reputations and do it honestly. I have heard In England that oppressive rules have caused many to follow in these bad practices. Lets avoid all that here by doing our part to improve our situation and standing.

Therefore we have both goals to adhere to and duties to uphold. We need to make sure that no one gets bad ideas from watching one of us who is out of line. As soon as the rogues realize that they will get a bad reputation and be watched and reported by others of our groups then they will line up and follow the rules too. We need to find great spokesmen to speak our concepts and minor requirements to the state and federal peoples who judge on our lot.

We may hope to gather enough of a good reputation that we can see opened up hunting grounds and we should offer to work with the archaeologists and police to locate objects at criminal investigation scenes.

I could see the problem as I spoke with people from around our nation and our lifestyle is worth the effort I think. Other countries might think along these lines also. The new tool that will bring us all together is the internet and we can post pictures of our finds and learn from others better ways to hunt. I suggest that we consider forming national clubs that have organized hunts that move around the country from time to time.

What we are, and who we are, and what we want to say and do, is drafted into my small offering for others to take and modify or change completely. A journey takes only a step or two to begin……

I believe that we do not want to be known as a special interest group demanding “rights” to historic properties to hunt for our own pleasure. We want to express to interested parties that we will be responsible and that we will take the responsibility of casting out the outlaws and irresponsible among ourselves in order to purge our order to be as clean and upright as possible with the hope of improving all our lifestyles.

I believe that we do not want to win at any cost or that we should have power or mighty lawyers to state our cases but provide for ourselves spokespersons and helps when some of us wander into difficulty from time to time.

I believe that we want to communicate that we are historians and purists in heart and that we have a caring and love for our precious history. We have found ways to amplify the faint sounds of yesterdays in a way that makes museums out of fashion. We gather tiny remnants of history by sincere dedication and research and with considerable expense to our persons, and in the long run, they will find their way into the museums for all to see sooner or later.

I believe that we need new tools to communicate our understandings. That might be best done by a video tape which can be viewed in only minutes, and yet, will convey considerable information to parties that may rule over issues that effect us all. This could even be viewed on the internet by anyone!!

I believe that we can all begin to utilize the internet more to create great divisions of East/West and North/South where we can hold huge Expositions and organized hunts and activities. Place should be given in these for the new hobbyist who may be interested and include short classes on how to use a detector and typical finds that could be located. More can be added later.

If you wish to help then please add to this the definition of outlaws and rogues in expanded detail and the exact steps to take when you view a person or persons that may be performing acts included under these definitions. I began this in a small way but may try to expand it as you send me ideas to build on. It is your country, your lifestyle, your interests that I hope to express. Please convey to me all your personal ideas to add or to make modifications and we will see what we can make of this tiny step into a larger tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a new standard that is established here, you can trample it down or rally around the flag and defend it. The future is what you want to make it.




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