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Treasure is where you find it

Treasure is where you find it

Treasure is where you find it
Surprises are there for people who are looking for them. This week we have hunted the beach for four days and we have had low tides to look for gold rings but alas! no gold. However my wife who loves to hunt for treasures of a different sort uses her Garrett along the high beach and rocks and grass. Needless to say she does good. She finds loads of coins but there has been a strange development lately. In the four days we hunted this week she found twenty eight dollars, greenbacks, bucks, folding money! She started some last summer at the beach by finding some every time we hunted almost and she has been perfecting her methods. She hunts along the grass where the dollars that are blown in the wind will catch on the weeds but some of her finds were made with just a scrap of green showing. She has narrowed her view to look closely for the greenbacks but she often finds more coins than I do too! What did I find this week? well I went to the beach by myself and as I got tired walking long stretches of beach I sit down on a rock to rest. Looking down I spotted something green sticking out of the sand. I thought that it might be a seal off a pack of cigarettes or some other thing but it was a dollar bill…. well almost. It was about 35 cents worth torn from a bill. But I am improving, that is the most I have ever found there and maybe I can learn to look for them too. This week she started it off by finding a twenty dollar bill and the next day a five. The other bills followed later this week but she always walks across the beach grinning at me and I know what it is. She has found the folding money again.

We learned that last year on one large beach that people stay out late after dark sitting on the beach and when they get up it is late and the wind has died and they can’t see that they have lost bills from their pockets. In the early morning as the wind picks up the bills start blowing across the beach and its a greased pig chase for the bills.

This has been a fun sidelight to our metal detecting and you can look for bills too but it takes a keen eye and knowing where and when to look. The next time you are swinging down the beach take a look along the grassy area and focus on the green. You can find them too. Not long back there was a guy on the internet who for $20 would tell you how to train your dog to smell money but save the twenty and get a money sniffin’ wife.




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