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How many times has your target ID indicated either dime or quarter only to turn out to be another one of those disgusting matchbox toy cars? The first time that happened to me I looked at it for a little and started to toss it over my shoulder when I remembered that the guys at the club like to see all of the things that are found with the detector so I slipped it into my pocket against my better judgment. That was some time ago and needless to say the pile of toy cars has grown considerably. For some reason it seems that I find a lot more of them in the winter that the summertime and I have wondered why the little kids would take their best toys and bury them! Needless to say that my childhood was not overburdened by excesses of toys so I considered that either the kids buried them because they wanted affluent parents to replace them with newer ones or else this had some spiritual significance that was beyond my comprehension.

Well it just goes to show people will do the darndest things and you never can tell what they will collect next. They are now collecting all of the toy cars that I have been tossing into the box all of this time, and guess what some of these little toys are worth money! There are contacts on the internet where folks are just waiting in line for the toys and they will pay real money. So again we all get fooled just when we think that we have to find some old piece of eight or gold coin to discover real treasure we discover its the toys that perhaps should be the target of our treasure hunting.

There are a number of types of these small toys like hot wheels, matchbox and others created by Mattel, Tyco and many others over a long period of time. There are Indy cars, stock cars, street cars, and work vehicles like bulldozers and the list goes on. You might think that if you don’t have a very old car or some obscure model that no one would want your toy but that’s not the case although some of the very old cars have good value many of the later cars are desired also. Needless to say that scratches devalue your prize a little but it seems that they want them in all kinds of conditions. Don’t try to touch up the car because that is just as bad as cleaning an old coin.

My collection contains a lot of hot looking cars and a lot of them are racing cars but I was surprised to find that there are some classic models in the box also. Some of the diecast manufacturers stamp the year date on the bottom and some of my cars are decades old. The cars seem to be manufactured in Maylasia mostly but some are made in China (mostly junk I think) but I will keep them until I find out for sure.

Now if you are one of those kindly folks that give your toys to your kids or grandchildren let us hope that they appreciate them because they could bring the rest of us some nice unexpected treasures and counter balance all of the pulltabs.

There are news groups where you can contact interested parties as well as internet sources. Here are the starting points and there are a multitude of links of potential buyers to explore.

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