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Working the big beach crowds

Working the big beach crowds

There are about three times a year here that the big tourist crowds show up on the beaches. At first I went to the beach with the crowds to take pictures and see where they were centralized mostly but after a while I started bring my detector along. I would leave in the early evening and arrive just before they started taking up the umbrella’s. I would walk back behind the umbrella line down to the better parts of the beach so as they started leaving with the iceboxes and kiddies I would move into the fresh beach nests where they played around all day.

Now sometimes I pay a price for this method and I have noticed that a certain amount of kids will simply delight in running wildly by me and splashing my clothes with water. The aggressive children will do this every time and the others may gather around and crowd me to the point that I can’t even swing my coil or dig a pulltab. When it gets this bad I ask them to back-off some and give me room. Out of that group there is always a few that will not and get very close to the hole to grab what ever I dig up. Those are the more aggressive and the best thing is to move on quickly. Last night however I got a glimpse of Generation “Z” and the worst case of aggressive children that I have ever witnessed. I was water hunting and pretty far out too when a certain kid insisted on following me and splashing me continually. As I moved away he dug up a huge hand full of sand and shell that he threw at my back as hard as he could and he hit me in the head and I might say it was quite a wallop! The single parent stood on shore and watched dispassionately

As a comment all I can say is we have really changed a long way from kids who you would “see” but not “hear” as I was told to be as a child. We were told to be especially quiet around guests or strangers and respectful and never to speak where they would hear us. We would have to exit the house without slamming doors and make no noise. I was born into a generation where kids did the chores and helped to contribute to the family and not heaped with gifts and money and ignored. I suppose that parents are really happy with their kids and some of them are very nice kids, but I will avoid certain kids like stepping around rattlesnakes!

There are a few pieces of jewelry around these sites and lots of coins but basically I go to watch the crowd and how much jewelry they are wearing and note the water line and where they are swimming in the surf. All these things will be important later in the year. The centralized locations of gold will not change much but the sea will cover the gold with sand quickly and soon it may be out of range unless there is a heavy storm surf. Since I hunt the winter too I want to know how much gold was in the water in the peak times.

I have studied many of the beach hunters that come to the beach and have noticed that their biggest hang-up is the fact that they really don’t believe that there is gold there. They may hunt for a couple of hours and then when gold doesn’t pop right up and sing for them they get disgusted and leave. As I work the crowds I am stopped along the beach in the evening by people who have lost things in the surf. I always go look but often the current will sweep the lighter things away and I don’t have much luck in finding their lost items.

In the winter the low tides occur in the early morning but in summer here they occur in the late evenings and they are somewhat rare also. The people will sit in the shallow water and play around in the sand and often that is where they loose their gold items so as the sun is setting I am working along the wet sand and shallow water to pickup the days lost items before the sand covers them too deep.

Many times during the year I go to the beach when no one is there and the conditions have changed and I too become somewhat plagued by the thought that there may be no more gold where I am hunting and that is why it is so important to see people wearing the gold and playing in the water. You have to fix those pictures in your mind and hold them to reinforce the idea that there is still lots of gold that has not been found. It is simple in a way… “You have to believe that it is there” and if you don’t you will come back home with pulltabs and crusty pennies. That seems to me to be much like fishing and hunting because if you just go with no belief then you will likely not find anything. It seems to mean a lot of difference especially fishing to believe that you will catch something good. I suppose you might say that is one thing that I do that a lot of other hunters don’t do is go to see it for myself and as for myself it really helps!





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